Please Read and Agree First Our Terms and Condition

Payment policy

Package of payment condition from the management of Jntour&TravelCompany Ltd. According to the law of the tourism industry that communicates with the partnership or customers themselves, the Company will ensure that all customers who are already making booking within 30days before coming they should have to pay 50% in JNtour & Travel Company.

Quotations are valid for 24 hours

No bookings will be confirmed before 50% deposit has been paid

Prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuations, changes in airfare and availability

Also for the guests who have confirm the booking in a right time, then they should have to pay full of payments in 7days according to the day of staying in the country.

All guests who have chosen JNtour & Travel and have all their tours and Accommodation then will be able to pay in a variety of ways such as Bank transfer, by Muster card or Visa card. These are the ways that our Company will apply through our visitors and other partnership or organization.

Other proposals for the Company how to pay for removing discomfort from our loved clients, the guests could pay 50% after booking confirmation and complete their full payment after arrival in the country (Tanzania) within 7 days. Then the company will be responsible for arranging its procedures as provided for by setting them guests in a good environment as well as making a tour with another movement.


If a client has cancel the booking and has already paid 50 % to the Company. The company will be able to split 50% and take 25% and the remaining rate will be sent via bank transfer and reach our client (s) who have already paid. These are among the rules and procedures of the Company that have been placed under the management.