Chumbe Island Boat Trip

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd is an award-winning private nature reserve that was developed from 1991 for the conservation and sustainable management of uninhabited Chumbe Island off Zanzibar, one of the last pristine coral islands in the region.

The park includes a fully protected coral reef sanctuary and forest reserve that harbor extremely rare and endangered animals, a Visitor and Education centre, a small eco-lodge, nature trails and historical ruins. All buildings and operations are based on state-of-the-art eco-technology aiming at zero impact on the environment (rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy and solar water heating, composting toilets, vegetative greywater filtration etc.).
The Island can be reached in 45 minutes boat ride from Mbweni Beach, It covers 16 hectors of undisturbed forest and surrounded by a virgin coral reef, the sanctuary has more than 200 a pieces of pristine stone corals, about 400 species of fish and turtles & dolphins regularly passing by.
In this tour the clients can get a chance to:
Snorkel in the most colorful underwater world with a huge variety of fish, corals, turtles, and other fascinating sea creatures.
Relax in your private bungalow.
Visit to beautiful protected forest.
Learn about the marine life, forest and nature reserve from professional guides.
Visit to historical house light and small mosque
Enjoy diving and tasting Swahili food.
Day trip is possible to Chumbe Island, however as a Marine Protected Area. The Island carefully manages the numbers of guests on the island at any one time (maximum 14 guests only). As the facilities are primarily focused towards those guests who book an overnight trip, day trips can be done only when there is availability in the lodge. This means we cannot take advance bookings for day trips. If you would like to book a day trip it is best to contact us two days before the day you would like to visit to check on availability.

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