Diving & Snorkeling

Zanzibar diving and snorkeling is amongst the most spectacular in the world with stunning coral gardens and more than 350 fish species recorded. The diverse aquatic life off Zanzibar’s coast includes frequent sightings of turtles and dolphins, as well as occasional sightings of humpback whales. If you are very lucky, you may get to see a whale shark! Our magnificant 20+ dive sites offer variety and adventure for beginners trying scuba for the first time as well as for experienced divers!

We appreciate that you are on holiday and we will not wake you for a 5.00am boat launch – unless it is your choice to do so! Relax on Kendwa Beach and join any of our many launches each day. We plan our dives around the tides to offer you the best visibility and least currents. However, our diverse reefs offer brilliant diving any time of day, and year-round diving. You my choose drift diving, deep diving, fish identification or an exhilerating night dive! Our fringing Kendwa Reef offers lovely coral bommies close to shore in shallow water, however our guided diving and snorkeling trips are all by boat.
Snorkelers may choose to go to Kendwa Reef and Kendwa Gardens which are located 800 meters out from our dive base and hence only a couple minutes by boat. Enthusiastic snorkelers may choose to swim to the reef – please stop by the dive centre for important safety tips and pointers.
Tumbatu Island is highly recommended for snorkeling; with untouched reefs it is still a hidden treasure and only a 15 minute journey by speed boat. Last, but certainly not least, snorkelers will want to see the famous Mnemba Island which by the Scuba Do boats is only a 30 minute journey from Scuba Do! Snorkelers are welcome to join any dive boats going to these destinations or we will organise a trip exclusively for snorkeling if you desire.
Boats & Equipment
We dive from rigid inflatable boats which drop us on the dive site and then pick us up after surfacing – so, no long surface swims back to the boat! We travel to the dive sites quickly and safely – not to mention that the dolphins love our boats!
Each boat is powered with two engines and they are equipped with marine radios to enable communications both between boats and with our bases. Each boat also has a Garmin GPS to ensure precise and accurate drops on dive sites. We are currently in the process of changing all of our boat engines over to more environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines.
Nearly all of our boats are equipped with roofs for shade and ladders.
You will find top-quality diving equipment at Scuba Do with our AP Valve “Buddy Explorer” BCDs,Sherwood Brute and Cressi Sub regulators depending on your preferences, and REEF South Africa wetsuits. Our masks and fins are Mares, Cressi Sub, and IST, covering a variety of sizes and styles to guarantee a comfortable fit.
Learn to Dive or Snorkel With Scuba Do Zanzibar
Whether you’re an experienced diver hoping to master a certain skill or have never dived or even snorkelled before, Scuba Do’s relaxed and professional instructors can teach you in one of the most idyllic environments in the world.
Keen to learn but worried about spending your holiday in a classroom? We have the answer! Try PADI eLearning which enables you to do all of your academic coursework online before arriving in Zanzibar! After a short quiz, you will be straight to the water for the more exciting part… scuba!
Despite our remote location, we utilise the latest in PADI multi-media and “Prescriptive Teaching” methods. Our classroom is open air overlooking the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and Kendwa’s powder white sand beach. Your self-study can be done while soaking up the Zanzibari sun or relaxing in your beach-side bungalow and your classroom time will be minimised.
We follow all PADI standards and guidelines to give you the most rewarding learning experience. We also offer you flexibility and arrange your course to fit your holiday plans. You are welcome to take a day off to relax on the beach or perhaps to take in a spice tour.

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